The War of the Lance has ended.  The darkness has passed.

Or has it?

One man, the powerful archmage, Raistlin, intends that the darkness return.

Two people alone can stop him.  One is Crysania, a beautiful cleric of good, who is drawn to Raistlin as a moth is drawn to flame.  The other is his twin, Caramon, who must come to an understanding of himself before he can redeem his brother.

Together with the irrepressible kender, Tasslehoff, these three take a perilous journey back in time to the days just before the Cataclysm.

In the doomed city of Istar, poised on the brink of disaster, dark magic and darker ambition battle love and self-sacrifice in a quest to save not only the world but more importantly a soul.


Name Location Rating Date
TriciaCanada5.02006-04-30 14:36:36
The book is very dark and we see what Raistlin's decision to become a dark mage has cost Caramon.

william san antoin tx 5.02006-05-02 09:24:38
this book is great it is all about raistlin! and i enjoy the plot alot. o and Tricia thtas awsome that you read dragon lance maby we could talk let me know ill ceck this site some time

kitty smith australia5.02008-02-03 06:18:15
i have not read this book yet but if it is as good as the rest then it should get top marks. i'm so gald to hear that other people enjoy it too.

DennPhilippines5.02009-04-26 03:19:26
I've read the book about 5 times already, still not tired of it. I'm a Raistlin fan.

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