Title:  Dragons of Winter Night

Artist:   Larry Elmore

Like the other novel covers, the painting for the second book does not represent a scene in the novel so much a it sets the tone for the work.  It also gave Elmore his first chance to paint a dragonlance and his second to portray Laurana as the Golden General, rather than the girlish elf maiden.

The Dragon Highlord on the cover of Dragons of Winter Night is, of course, Kitiara, although the reader doesn't find this out until the end of the book.  The blue dragon in the background is Kit's dragon, Skie.  Weis and Hickman worked with Larry on ideas for this painting.  They wanted to show Kitiara, since she was one of the original "Innfellows," but they didn't want to give away her identity.   She has her arms folded across her chest to conceal her breasts, but the close observer will note the very feminine curves of her legs beneath the cold armor.