The War of Souls has come to an end at last.  Magic is back, and so are the gods.  But the gods are vying for supremacy, and the war has caused widespread misery, uprooting entire nations and changing the balance of power on Ansalon.

The mysterious warrior-woman Mina, brooding on her failure and the loss of her goddess, makes a pact with evil in a seductive guise.  As a strange vampiric cult spreads throughout the fragile world, unlikely heroes - a wayward monk and a kender who can communicate with the dead - join forces to try to uproot the cause of the growing evil.





Name Location Rating Date
TriciaCanada4.52005-08-21 21:26:19
I hadn't heard very good reviews on this book so I was leary about reading it but... I found that I loved it! Nightshade was so fun that I couldn't help but love him.

williamsan antnio tx5.02006-05-02 09:33:18
this book gave me more respect for mager the god it is a good book and the awsome thing is is that margret made one of her pets as a charecter. Tricia let me know if you want to tlk

derek5.02008-05-21 04:35:53
wow did not expect it to be this good

FrankNew York5.02008-10-30 19:22:24
This was a good read! Well done.

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